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Google Ads


  • Most of your local customers in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg (almost 86%) will get online to search for a local business.
  • And, another 72% will use the online medium to look for information about local merchants. 

To divert these customers to your site, you need to optimize online tools and one of the most powerful ones is the Google search engine. Google Ads is a relatively newer tool but one that has the power to literally help chart a success story for your brand. 

  • 97% of revenues that Google earns today comes from advertising. This means that your competitors in Calgary are aggressively using the power of Google Adwords.

Reasons enough to get you thinking? There is more:

  • When it comes to clicks, 40% of ad-clicks are limited to the top three ad spots on Google.
  • And, brands that invest in Google Ads are estimated to earn $2 per $1 spending. 

Google Adwords is a platform that features ads online on a pay-per-click format – this means you pay only when your ad gets a click. And it must be mentioned that the visitor who clicks the link is a motivated buyer – this means that with Google ads, you are looking at buyers who are serious about buying. If your product or services is able to convince them, they will become your customers. 

What are the pros of Google Ads?

Online advertising via Google Ads, enables companies/brands to show their advertisement to their target customers or those people who are keen to showcase their interest in buying their service or product. It gives an ease to the companies to track whether the target customer has clicked the advertisement or not. 

With Google Ads you can

Target your Advertisement

This means that Google Ads will help you in targeting your audience based on keywords, ad location, devices, age, location, day, time, frequency and language.

Reduce Costs and monitor revenues

Google Ads enables you to control your spending as per your budget and spending power. It gives you the freedom to spend on Ads as per day, per ad and per month. Moreover, you need to only pay if and only if the ad has been clicked.

Ease in Campaign Management

Google Ads empowers you to manage and monitor your key accounts in the most systematic way. In case of multiple Google ads accounts, a powerful tool i.e. My Client Center (MCC) manager account will help you in saving time and in managing the campaigns.

Measure Success

Google ads enables you to measure your success by tracking Returns on your investment. It makes it easy to monitor organic clicks and help business owners in taking decisions in right direction.

This is targeted marketing at its best!

Key Facts

$23 Billion
in economic activity

In 2019 Google search and advertising tools helped provide an estimated $16-$23 billion in economic activity for over 500,000 businesses in Canada

The total economic impact in of Google in Canada is equivalent to 1.1% of total GDP.

In 2019, Google’s search and advertising tools helped provide an estimated $16-$23 billion in economic activity for over 500,000 businesses in Canada. The total economic impact of Google products and services in Canada is equivalent to 1.1% of total GDP, or supporting 240,000 jobs.


The nuances are many with Google Ads. Which is why it is essential to have a Calgary Google Ads specialist handle your Google Ads campaign from the beginning till the end.

As per a recent 2020 Benchmarks Report: Google Ads in Retail: it has been found out that: 



Spend Growth on Google Shopping

Meanwhile Google Paid Search spend fell 8% as retailers prirotized more targeted audience keywords.


ROAS During Year-End HolidayS

Retailers maintained equal YoY holiday returns by investing more on less competitive shopping days.


Amazon Impression Share in Several Verticals

The retail giant’s Googlr Ads presence grew in 2019.


of Total Google Shopping Clicks Went to Mobile

On Google Paid Search mobile accounted for 57% of total clicks in 2019.

X360 Digital is top digital marketer and Calgary Google Ads company

Our customized Google Ads solution and approach is highly focused and executed phase-wise.

Phase 1

We come on-board as your Google Ads consultant and service provider.

Phase 2

We research diligently to understand industry-specifics- keywords, customer demographics, review the competitive landscape and more

Phase 3

Define the goal and scope of the campaign. Decide the campaign type. Brainstorm and prepare ad copies.

Phase 4

Work with key parameters including Quality Score, AdRank, Bidding, CPC, CPE, CTR, Conversion Rate, Keywords, Google Display Network and Extensions.

Phase 5

Launch the campaign. Monitor and adjust optimize the campaign.

Phase 6

Report in the real-time and keep you updated with the success stories.

Phase 7

Directed and focused Google Ads services in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, on ongoing basis to strengthen your online brand presence and get meaningful traffic.

Why choose X360 Digital as your ultimate Google Ads Agency?


  • We have the expertise to get you started on your Google Ads journey.
  • We know the tricks-of-the-trade and hence plan your campaign intelligently.
  • As your Calgary Google Ads consultant, it is our responsibility to help you increase your returns from advertising on Google.
  • This is a complex interface but we have mastered the art of using the platform optimally.

As your hired Google Ads company, we will handhold, helping you understand the platform well, budget your money accordingly and optimize your bids.
The objective – make your online presence stronger and robust by offering viable Google Ads solutions.