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x360 digital enables you to generate engagement and sales for your business by following all the solutions and services provided above. We keep your e-commerce website as a top priority as we understand it’s similar to an establishment of a virtual store and add on to your goodwill.
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Ecommerce sales are essential for businesses to establish significant space in the market. The first e-commerce establishment was made back in 1994 by Dan Kohn, a boy who sold Sting CD through a website which was then known as e-commerce trade. 

It has been a long way; these services have established a successful market as more shoppers and customers are shifting to online sale and purchase due to the drastic takeover of technology over our lives.

x360 Digital support businesses of different scales to develop online and offline by various techniques such as Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Advertisements, Website Development and Cloud Services. We are the team of experts in Calgary proficient in understanding your business, growth and marketing solutions as well.

Experience and Solutions for Your Business

An effective e-commerce website requires variant expert skills and analysis such as:

Experienced design team

As per the statistics, a consumer takes 50 milliseconds to create a first impression, which is where it’s proven, design matters as the first stop point for the users is website homepage which is expected to entail an appealing design. Appealing design in what we help you with, we support you with the experts of Calgary to design your website from scratch till the phenomenal result.

Website development

Website is the key to a successful e-commerce business. Dynamic changes in the world have indeed created opportunities, however, has kept businesses bound to stay updated at all time. Matching the trend is essential and possible with the support of experts on board. The website developers should be fluent in the technology and solutions required to acquire customers on a large scale, experts enable your business to differentiate from the competitors in Calgary.

Data analysis

E-commerce retailers need to understand their potential customers and an effective way to reach them in this dynamic online marketplace. Data analytics is needed to optimize the process, helps to increase the net profit. This is an essential offering, experts in data analysis will be highly beneficial for your business and will support the effective decision-making process. Your business needs a full-proof plan to convert the target audience to potential customers digitally.


Increasing engagement is what an e-commerce website strives for, a website with the best SEO strategy is the ones first on a search engine such as Google. It encompasses various marketing skills, strategies, analytics and expert testing as well. SEO is an in-demand skill for companies with an e-commerce website, this tool enables companies to fight the dynamic future.

Product Marketing

An essential aspect for e-commerce businesses which entails the need and similar customers to sell your product to the potential customers.

Product marketing includes positioning, launching, marketing existing product, social media strategies, customer success, advertisements and much more, which supports your business to drive product demand and usage as well. The process is successful after deep analysis, customer identification and need identification that is where x360 Digital can handle the identification and marketing process ensuring effective results.

Best e-commerce platforms?

Shopify, all in one platform for e-commerce businesses which simplifies the process of website creation, inventory management, web hosting, security, caching, accepting payments. The platform is designed for all sizes of businesses, it covers you with sales online, social media and in-store.

Why Shopify?

WooCommerce, an open-source plugin for WordPress. It leverages the most powerful content management system and uses it for an online sales store. The facts that it is open-source enable you to customize variant aspects and extensions of your digital store.

Why WooCommerce?

The platforms stated above are driven with safety and security, an e-commerce store you will be dealing with various customers and sensitive information such as credit card details and personal details. Shopify provides will take care of all information and servers.

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Why Us?

We help our clients with the whole process from website development to customer success. Our services will enable your business to connect with the clients & create unbreakable long term relationships by ensuring relevant & engaging content, website design, call to actions and blogs for your business.

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