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E-commerce has opened a Pandora’s box, facilitating a superfluous buying experience for customers and an easy-to-execute business proposition for sellers. Last year, e-commerce sales across all industries and all over the world accounted for 14.1% of retails sales. And, in these challenging times, the market share is only going to increase. Offering support and assistance in this domain to online sellers is x360 Digital, an experienced e-commerce website development company.

E-commerce website development requires understanding the nuances of the development of an e-store that is all-encompassing and meets the demands of the tech-savvy market. E-commerce websites need attention to detail that comes with professional competency and expertise. Hiring an e-commerce website development specialists of our calibre is the best way to ensure a high-quality e-commerce website at cost-effective rates.

E-commerce SERVICES

From landing to product search and successful purchase




Your e-commerce development is not just about selling your products. There is a plethora of characteristics that the website needs to have, either built-in or added later, for providing valuable buying experiences to customers; so that they keep coming to your store on a repetitive basis.

  • Visually appealing and personalized shopping flow.
  • Scalable and adaptable to growing business needs and requirements
  • Top level security and privacy - to make sure your data is secure
  • Catalog Management 
  • Training to empower your in house team to dynamically update products and services.
E commerce development

Reach and sell more with E-commerce solutions.

We have helped many businesses in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg to bring their products and services online, to generate more revenue and reach larger customer base.