Specific Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Marketing is a completely different aspect to developing a business, it requires the expertise and combination of different digital tools which are effective for your business and prospective audiences in Calgary.
marketing strategy

Establishing a business is unfortunately just not everything. In this digital era, “it’s built and the customer will come” theory does not work, to become a brand and sensation it’s essential to follow a customised strategy including development, ethics and most important factor which is marketing.

Your company have to be sure about every effort and money spent, that is where x360 Digital takes over and design a creative marketing strategy for your business to increase awareness and lead generation through Digital Marketing, it entails marketing efforts which are functioned electronically. Start-ups can establish awareness through social media, blogs, content marketing and many more

Where do I start?

Choose Your Target Market

Serving a complete market has resulted to be a myth for various companies. The reality of targeting a specific market segment is essential for companies to gain higher ROI.

Do you want to invest time and money efficiently?

We hope yes, it’s a onetime process to understand your target market. After all the process is beneficial for a long-term and enables you to enhance according to the nature of your customer and unique value proposition as well.

Apparently the better you know your customer, the everlasting is your journey in the industry.

We are always there to support your business with competitive marketing strategies, it will enable your business to defeat the market saturation and create everlasting sustainability.

Top Tip: Predetermine a baseline and growth of the target audience you are willing to serve.

Social media branding for small business

What’s with the Budget?

Everything is determined by the money you are willing to invest. Marketing is not all about spending money, variant dimensions have enables everyone to market their brand, inbound marketing is meant for start-ups and other businesses ensuring 61% less investment with higher returns. Inbound marketing includes SEO, blogs and social media to boost your company presence with a decent amount of regular traffic. 

The best way for start-ups in Calgary is to conduct an ROI analysis and ensure the customer-oriented marketing strategy.

Marketing Tools for Your Business


Search engine optimisation is an effective practice for start-ups, it makes your company’s website appear on the top and in the trending search engine results pages as well. People often think the process is highly technical and expensive due to effective results. But we guarantee it’s not done by a robot!!! The process is based on a simple algorithm of building links and quality/unique content compared to all other company’s website in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

It’s one of the most underused tools by businesses, social media holds the potential to break all bars for companies in the industry if used to the full potential. The best feature is audience categorisation on every social media platform out there. To meet the expectations and results, the right social media platform, suitable for your business and target market is essential. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are popular to generate leads for numerous nature of businesses in the industry. Top Tip: To know your customer try interacting with them regularly


Pay-Per-Click is one of its kind for start-up businesses. As the name speaks for itself which is paying for every click on your advertisement, it holds a good value in terms of budget, right audience and call to action for your website or social posts. This tool of Digital Marketing sheds powerful technique such as Google Ads, Facebook and many more, these ads are operated from Adwords, enables you to target the right audience, trend on the top with a minimal pay due to the PPC technique of keywords. The keyword algorithm enables start-ups to target their niche to engage and increase business credibility in a decent amount of time.

What do x360 Digital Offer?

Start-up marketing initially is potentially a complex science. Similar strategies have failed and lost customer attention in a short period, x360 Digital resolves the problem with a strategy for specifically your niche and business. We have kept our start-up clients in Calgary spiralled with creative Digital Marketing strategies. We ensure to undertake all the services and tools stated above and of course relevant to your business.
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