STB Cash App

Comprehensive redesign of STB Cash app’s information architecture and functionality.


STB Cash


February 2024


UI / UX Design


App Prototype

About the Project

STB Cash App is a cutting-edge mobile payment solution, providing an accessible platform for digital transactions akin to popular services like Venmo and CashApp. Established to revolutionize the landscape of mobile payments, STB Cash App offers fast transactions, low fees, and access to real-time transaction monitoring.
Our approach involved a comprehensive strategy driven by in-depth market research, identifying user pain points, and gaining insights into the app. We optimized user flows, journey mapping, interface, and visual language, deploying solutions that significantly improved the overall user experience and addressed key challenges.

Project Execution

Following thorough research and comprehensive app testing, I initiated a complete redesign of the app’s flow, functionality, and branding with a primary focus on overhauling the information architecture. 

This involved grouping app functionalities based on intuitive thinking and redesigning brand guidelines to establish consistency and trust.

The optimization journey encompassed reimagining user flows, refining journey mapping, revamping the interface, and enhancing the visual language, resulting in a significantly improved overall user experience.

  • Crafting onboarding and welcoming screens to convey a sense of safety and trust.
  • Streamlining processes for sending, loading, top-up, or paying bills.
  • Implementing enticing features like discounts and referral programs to encourage user engagement and earn credits.
  • Building trust through a cohesive brand and product design.
  • Designing interfaces that require fewer efforts for user interaction.

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