ALLINDEX Investing

Redesigning ALLINDEX as a modern, professional, and approachable investment central.


ALLINDEX Investing


December 2023


UI / UX Design


Website Prototype

About the Project

ALLINDEX is an innovative fintech solution making direct indexing and personalized investing available to a much wider investor base, beyond traditional high-net-worth clients. Established in Switzerland in 2018, the company operates globally with founding partners based in San Francisco, New York, Basel, Zurich and Mumbai.
We adopted a comprehensive strategy to improve the online presence of ALLINDEX, focusing on visual coherence, user-centric design, and streamlined information access. We simplified the information flow, reimagined the structure sections, and strategically used animations for a compelling user experience.

Project Execution

These collective efforts aimed at providing a more efficient, visually pleasing, and engaging experience for all users. In the process of enhancing the online presence of ALLINDEX, we strategically implemented several key improvements aimed at elevating the overall user experience and reinforcing brand identity. 

The introduction of the vibrant teal color directly taken from the investing portal created a cohesive visual link between the website and the product by not only adding a refreshing, approachable feel, but also contributed to a visually captivating interface. A significant focus on adopting a more user-centric approach was evident in the transformation of ‘Login / Register’ into a more inviting ‘My Portfolio’ prompt, promoting a sense of personalization.

Incorporating animations strategically, we aimed to highlight the seamless functionality of the product and guide users intuitively. These animations not only showcased the product in action but also fostered a deeper engagement with the technology. 

Additionally, a deliberate approach to white space was implemented to ensure a clean, uncluttered user interface. This purposeful utilization of ample white space emphasized the product’s simplicity and user-friendliness, creating a visually soothing and efficient overall experience for users.

Furthermore, each section was enriched with concise sentences, ensuring clarity and facilitating seamless and intuitive navigation throughout the website.

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