Marketing Strategies for Festive 2020

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The year just simply passed, and we can already see what Christmas is going to be like. Stressful for many people, customers are not focusing on the festivals, instead simply are striving to get through this year (2020). 

As a marketing agency in Calgary, we understand it’s challenging to derive the attention of people who are panicking and are under pressure. Creating personal and strong relations is reasonably the best way to get through this year.

We are here to provide you with some marketing ideas for this uncertain festive season, join in to cheer people and spread joy.

Involve Your Customers

Every good marketing strategy campaign will place its customer on the top priority of every aspect/decision. Involving the customer is one of the best relationships building aspects a company can incorporate during this pandemic.  

There are many ways to increase customer involvement. Try asking and incorporating improvement suggestion, designs and what they do expect from your company. There are many add on factor such as calling the customer to design for your brand, asking them for a social media takeover.

This campaign will enable you to explore the customer’s hidden talent and your company’s untouched potential as well. This campaign will result in being a win-win situation, as your company might attract new customers and form strong relations with the existing customer base.

Your Customers Feeling Special, Will Result in The Greatest Achievement of The Year!

Transformation of Your Online Presence

The current situation has increased the significance of online market, according to the 2020 statistics people prefer online purchase/interaction over the offline concept. This transformation has potentially changed the aspect of businesses to function digitally. 

The festive season is a phenomenal opportunity to think out of the box and transform yourself to catch-up with the coming year 2021. Significant changes can be made in the website layout and adding substantial interaction by your blog posts, company gallery and sharing recent work with all the customers out there.

According to the 2020 customer research in Calgary, it is observed people are mostly attracted to new designs and colours on the website. Another important factor is functionality ease, x360 Digital can potentially solve your problem by creating/recreating a phenomenal online experience for your customers.

Your post-festival changes and overcoming this uncertain situation will create a positive buzz, increase customer engagement and will enable you to build new relations with your target audiences.

Email Marketing Festive Style

This marketing is not for festivals specifically, it is used to enhance or create personal contact with the current/potential customers. A festive theme (Christmas and New year) email marketing is perfect to interact with customers during the end of 2020. 

The campaign is not meant to be promotional; it can entail wishes and motivating messages for the upcoming year 2021, however, sneaking in a bit of promotion will increase the excitement for customers. These campaigns hold the potential to pay off your company in a long run.

As Christmas is approaching, we are looking forward to interesting and creative campaign full of customer interaction. Let’s end this year with no suspense but only meaningful relationships.

Afterall a wonderful time is needed, which is no more expected from 2020.

Top Marketing Festive Tips

Give the campaign a head start by starting it on time.
Modify your online website/e-commerce website to provide a festive feel to the customers.
Give out some exciting offers on Christmas and New Year, promote the offers through social media and word of mouth.
Paid campaign is perfect head start during the festive season. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are some popular platform to promote your campaigns.

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