How x360 Digital can help our clients drive digital transformation

As the CMO, x360 Digital Inc. is ideally positioned to facilitate the creation of shared objectives and unity of leadership.
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Identify collective goals

For many companies, the Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for representing the customer’s needs to the C-suite. However, in a digital-first world, one executive is not sufficient. We have seen from our clients that the entire company C-suite must align and galvanize to transform the business from the top down, while the CMO is the coordinating force for different business functions. Additionally, agency partners are well positioned to assist the CMO in uniting leadership and establishing common objectives. 

This can be seen in our work with one of our client to improve campaign measurement and expand the organization’s use of first-party data throughout. Using data from one of our client’s past marketing campaigns, brand lift studies, and attribution models, x360 Digital Inc, created a marketing mix strategy that measured the success of each digital channel, such as pay per click ads, display ads, and social media advertising. The information was then used by one of our client to optimize its marketing efforts. From marketing to finance to the chief executive and his management team, teams now trust and rely on data across the company.

Adopt an agile mindset

To stay ahead of competitors in the digital transformation journey, brands often have to get comfortable with constant change in order to keep up with consumer behavior and technology. This can be difficult for many. We are in a unique position to help brands experiment, learn, and make incremental changes over time since agencies have access to the latest insight and technology. 

x360 Digital Inc. has learned that launching a minimal viable solution almost always takes less time than writing pitch after pitch. Even though it won’t be perfect, after you’ve put something in place, you’ll be able to improve it based on what’s working and what’s not.

Communicate value as often as possible

Now that you have set up the buyer personas & implemented them in your conventional & digital marketing strategy, you would almost think that you are ‘ready’, however, the society in which we live is always subject to change, including your customers & the marketing world. After a while, do you have the idea that the buyer personas no longer match your current customers? Then do your research again & create new personas.
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