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A rise in topics instead of keywords in search engine optimization

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SEO (search engine optimization) has traditionally been all about keywords. Keywords play an essential role in how information is retrieved. Therefore, it was all logical: search engines scanned, found, indexed, and classified content based on keywords. 

SEO still revolves around keywords, but to a lesser extent. A piece of content’s relevance is ranked by how often it mentions the keyword – and all other signals included – on a page.

A Relevance Analysis of Keywords

The term frequency is referred to as “TF”.  

There is a problem in that stop words like “the,” “a,” “and,” “in,” “at,” and so on are far more frequent. A different approach is needed. In other words, it evaluates how often a term is used when compared to the frequency of all other terms.

This prevents stop words from being classified as more relevant.

Known as “inverse term frequency” or “IDF,” this formula looks at the frequency of keywords as well as that of other terms across different pieces of work (such as a site’s blog). We eliminate stop words that occur more frequently than other words.

This formula, called TF*IDF, gives a keyword a certain numerical weight based on inverse document frequency (multiplied by) term frequency.

A keyword is weighed by how many times it appears on a page. As a result, the page with the most frequency will score – and be ranked higher – by weighing the keyword across all the other pages.

To find out how important a document is within a group of documents, the formula can be applied. This can be applied to the relevance of a page regarding a particular keyword in comparison with the relevance of all the other pages within a website, for instance.

As a result, for a very long time, SEO focused not only on keywords, but also recommended a primary keyword for each page. These guidelines are still followed by many of the SEO tools and plugins used by content creators.

The TF-IDF continues to be an important but problematic issue

TF-IDF is greatest benefit when compared with a large amount of data – like the whole Internet – to determine the weighting of any particular keyword. It was the basis of how search engines would rank certain pages from multiple websites. Search engines used this ranking method to determine the ranking of certain pages from multiple websites. To some degree, that remains the case. 

As I mentioned, the formula is a bit more complex than what I’m explaining here, but fundamentally speaking, whichever page ranks higher has a greater weight.

It has remained the standard method of retrieving and evaluating information since 1972. To put it simply, it gives sophisticated software a base to work from in order to build artificial intelligence (AI).

This formula, however, poses a problem by itself.

Getting high rankings started in the primitive days of the Internet, when writing pages with lots of keywords was the most straightforward and simplest way of achieving this. Even if you add an extra keyword here and there, it doesn’t matter.

The problem became worse as more website owners discovered the trick and began abusing it. It rendered search engine results unbearably messy by bringing up keyword-stuffed pages that did not make any sense, and it seriously affected user experience.

TF-IDF assesses relevance, but it fails to indicate quality – that is, whether the content in which the keyword appears is of high quality. Consequently, search engines could now determine how relevant a page is beyond keyword relevance as well as the meaning of its pages. Due to major Google algorithm updates, keyword-driven content plays a smaller role (or should we say, is less reliant on) now, making TF-IDF less relevant.

Three Things Keywords Fail to Take into Account

The relevance of keywords is weighted. However, just being relevant isn’t enough. When it comes to keywords, the TF*IDF technology has three important drawbacks:
1. It disregards the meaning of the keyword.

Only keywords are considered in the TD-IDF. It doesn’t take into account keyword variations, semantically related terms, or keyword relationships. Furthermore, it ignores synonyms and terms that are related by themes or context.

Take, for example, the keyword “soap.” Bathing soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, cleaning soap, shaving soap, and so on are all available. Handmade soap, perfumed soap, baby soap, medicated soap, glycerin soap, and other varieties of soap are available. 

When you include different types of soap, such as shampoo liquid, laundry detergent, shower gel, shaving cream, bubble bath, and so on, the problem becomes even worse. “Soap operas,” “Soap” TV shows, “to soap” (to flatter), and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

The options are practically limitless.

Keywords alone can be misleading if you don’t consider the context, such as keyword variations, their position in the content, keyword interrelatedness, and how keywords fit within and link to the rest of the page.

2. It disregards the significance of the keyword.

The TF-IDF tries to figure out how relevant a keyword is, but it doesn’t take into account how meaningful that relevance is. What if a keyword that is more relevant but appears less frequently is more relevant? What if a different website, with different keywords, provides higher value for the same keyword? 

In other words, the TF-IDF fails to take into account not only how keywords fit into the context of the page, but also how they fit with the rest of the site. As a result, other pages may include the same keywords, but their content may be more relevant and suited to the issue.

To put it another way, relevance is not the same as importance.

Although a keyword may be judged significant because it is used more frequently, this does not imply that it raises the page’s worth. Regardless of the keyword’s frequency or TF-IDF score, other keywords, let alone other pages, may be more relevant.

When compared to other pages, a page featuring the term “medicated soap” has a better relevancy score. However, a less relevant page might go into further detail about antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial soap, which is more topically relevant.

Other keywords and keyword variations (as well as related but different keywords) may be located on other pages that are more relevant to the user than the document TF-IDF is analysing, comparable to the preceding limitation.

3. It disregards the keyword’s intent.

Finally, there’s the most crucial factor to consider. In fact, it isn’t even considered in the TF-IDF equation. And there you have it, the user. 

TF-IDF can help you figure out what the page is about. However, it may be either vague or too specialised for the user’s needs. TF-IDF may also be comparing it to entirely other pages that serve different consumers or achieve different objectives.

All of the other pages are thrown into the mix, regardless of their intended purpose. For example, TF-IDF might compare a term in a blog post to a keyword on a shopping page, a FAQ page, or a page aimed at a completely different industry.

Making the Transition from Keywords to Entities

Fortunately, frequency is simply one of several factors considered when evaluating keywords. In addition, other ranking variables come into play when deciding how relevant a keyword is. 

Machine learning and a method known as “natural language processing” (NLP) have changed the way we think about keywords in recent years. While keywords will continue to be essential, new algorithms will examine and attempt to understand them on a deeper, more complex level.

To solve the three issues highlighted above, search engine software is now attempting to comprehend keywords by studying how they are used in normal language. It accomplishes this by taking into account the terms’ usage, context, and relationship to one another.

As a result, the software can discern the nuances and intricacies of a keyword. Technically, they’re still keywords, but in the field of NLP, they’re referred to as “entities.”

Because they transform the way we think about SEO, entities are becoming increasingly significant, especially in digital marketing. We can no longer optimise content just based on keywords because we’ve given them meaning that changes based on many aspects.

A keyword’s meaning might vary greatly depending on its context, usage, and placement in the content (i.e., its surrounding text and other on-page elements). It can also completely change the meaning of a paragraph or piece of content, giving it a completely different tone.

As the proverb goes, and it absolutely applies to today’s SEO:

Without context, content is worthless.

What Is The Concept Of Entities?

Entities are words that have a specific meaning based on the context. They can be “names,” “types,” or “attributes,” among other things. They can connect to other concepts. They help to identify a specific person, item, or event by grouping them. 

“Antibacterial soap,” for example, is one thing, whereas “hand sanitizer” is another. Although the latter is not a separate type of soap than the former, they are nonetheless related. Both are various forms of “disinfectant cleansers” depending on the situation (another entity).

To expand on this example, “antibacterial soap” has a different meaning in an article about “COVID-19” (also an object) due to the context. As a result, the term “antibacterial soap” has little meaning. It does, however, have value, importance, and purpose as a separate entity.

Rather of thinking about keywords as being linear or on a spectrum, consider them as existing in a cluster of linked concepts, similar to a hub-and-spoke wheel. (Google refers to them as “branches” and “nodes,” and groups them into a “Knowledge Graph.”)

Consider the words “head” and “shoulders.” These are two distinct keywords. A different keyword is “head and shoulders.” However, “Head & Shoulders” is a trademark. It’s a thing. Also, “dandruff,” “shampoo,” and “anti-dandruff shampoo” are all separate entities that are connected.

Entities are significantly more sophisticated than what I’m attempting to explain in this paper, and they have far more consequences and applications than I’m able to adequately discuss.

The crucial thing to remember is that, like it or not, search behaviour has changed. As a result, SEO has changed and will continue to change. As a result, it stands to reason that the practise and practitioners of SEO, as well as the beneficiaries of SEO services, are all connected.

Why is Keyword Tracking Losing Ground?

Previously, search queries were usually made up of a single or a few words linked together. However, the intricacy of human language was not taken into consideration in the search results. 

The search results were disjointed. It was primarily a game of luck to get the response you wanted. (In fact, it’s probably one of the reasons why Google created the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, which allows you to skip all of the search result pages, or SERPs.)

Users would add more keywords to their queries in an attempt to achieve better results. However, this frequently backfired: Google would examine certain keywords within the query and provide different results for each. Then, regardless of r, it would rank everything.

Keywords have become intrinsically meaningless since the emergence of entity-oriented search (a term used by former Google researcher Kriszrtian Balog). Or, to put it another way, focusing on keywords and their ranks has become pointless.

Keywords are still useful in certain situations, such as performing research. However, optimising content with specific keywords — and attempting to rank for them — is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Chasing precise keywords is meaningless today, with digital assistants, intelligent devices, and voice search allowing users to ask long, sophisticated, and nuanced questions.

Keywords have become intrinsically meaningless since the emergence of entity-oriented search (a term used by former Google researcher Kriszrtian Balog). Or, to put it another way, focusing on keywords and their ranks has become pointless.

Keywords are still useful in certain situations, such as performing research. However, optimising content with specific keywords — and attempting to rank for them — is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Chasing precise keywords is meaningless today, with digital assistants, intelligent devices, and voice search allowing users to ask long, sophisticated, and nuanced questions.

Focus on subjects rather than keywords.

The term “anti-dandruff shampoo” is more than just a keyword in the previous example. It’s a subject. It might be a subtopic of an article about different types of “shampoos,” or it could be an umbrella subject about dandruff control. In any case, context is crucial.

Focusing on topics eliminates the need to compete for individual keywords. It’s no longer necessary to perform backflips in order to cram irregular, strange, and frequently misspelt keywords into content only to rank for them because they’re popular.

Trying to put “best covid soap toronto” into a sentence as is, for example, is pointless, to say nothing of mind-numbingly tough.

While keyword research is still necessary, it’s more important to understand what themes the user wants to learn about, what topics have already been covered (or haven’t), and what topics to write about that will provide all of the information needed to increase search signals.

The procedure is broken down into the following steps:

To begin, identify a reader's problem, a question they're asking, or a topic they're interested in - one they could be investigating themselves.

Compare and contrast the findings that appear. For instance, look at the many forms of content that already exist on the subject (or how they fail to cover it adequately).

Above all, establish a content aim that is clear to both the reader and the website. Then go over the subject with the user as well as the goal in mind.

Finally, insert related keywords that will occur naturally and smoothly throughout the text, utilising the topic as a guide (rather than a specific term as a goal).

Additional actions can certainly help, but they aren’t required. Select the most frequently searched keywords that fit inside the topic’s umbrella, for example. Then use these keywords in the page’s headings and subheadings, as well as the HTML. 

Everything else, including the correct keywords, will fall into place organically if the topic content reflects what the reader is truly interested in and searching for. All that’s left to do from an SEO standpoint is make sure the material is properly formatted.

What matters is the interaction between subjects and material. Some themes are more broad and inclusive than others. Others could be subtopics or connected subjects.

In two ways, a piece of content can cover an umbrella topic. To ensure that it covers the issue thoroughly, it may first divide it down into subtopics on a single page. It could also involve many pieces of material, each of which covers different subtopics that are linked together.

The Future of SEO and Topical Clusters

Topical clusters are like wheels, with hubs and spokes, similar to the map of nodes and branches outlined above with entities and the Knowledge Graph. 

Keywords were formerly categorised and organised into categories or silos. While this may still be effective for arranging content, it is linear and does not reflect how subjects (and their relationships) work. Consider a mindmap as an example.

Whereas old-school SEO was centred on keywords and their search engine popularity, today’s SEO is based on themes and how valuable they are (to the reader).

The former required authors to develop material first for search engines and then for people. Because the search engine is now the user, it has been not only flipped but also streamlined.

In other words, machine learning algorithms are assisting search engines in becoming more intelligent by allowing them to learn and understand language in the same way that humans do. As a result, writing for search engines is no longer a viable option. It’s pointless.

It’s like attempting to translate something that will inevitably be translated back. As a result, this process is not only unnecessary, but it can also be harmful because information might be lost in translation.

In the end, writing for the user is preferable. Concentrate on making them happy. Provide them with the best possible material as well as the best possible experience while consuming it.

When you write for your target audience, you’re also writing for Google. If you do this, you’ll be sending all the appropriate search signals. Keywords will be used, links will be earned, mentions will be gained, authority will be built, word of mouth will be generated, you will rank well, and traffic will be driven. Naturally.

That’s SEO in the modern era.

SEO agency Calgary

How Stopping Search Engine Optimization Affects Your Business

SEO Calgary

When a business reaches the first page of Google, they assume their SEO efforts are over. But what happens then? Can you save money by halting it? There is an unfortunate misconception that SEO is a one-time expense, and that you’ll continue to rank well long after you achieve what you set out to do. This is not the case at all.
It’s important to note that stopping SEO is different from stopping any other marketing effort. Stopping SEO has implications from your revenue to your website. Here’s what happens when you stop SEO:


The focus of SEO isn’t just on helping you get higher rankings in search engines. A good SEO company will also monitor your site for problems that may impact search engine ranking. Without an SEO agency monitoring and watching out for things breaking on your website, technical issues can quickly mount. If you’re unfamiliar with how websites work, then you probably don’t know that things occasionally can break without reason. Over time, the effects of these problems eventually affect the functionality of your website and can end up costing you a great deal.

If you stop SEO services, you may also lose out on developments like mobile responsiveness, page speed, and user experience – all of which have an effect on your website ranking and are treated by your SEO company.


Crawlers return to your site to re-index your content when your site publishes new content. Thus, if you have your site crawled more often, search engines will pay it more attention and you will have a better chance at ranking higher. SEO agencies make sure your website has fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. If you stop performing search engine optimization, you will lose search engine ranking as competitors continue to index their websites.Google’s ranking algorithms are continuously updated as well. SEO agencies continually adjust their strategies to stay current, and what worked last month may not work this month. In the long run, you will lose traffic and rankings by skipping SEO on your website.

You will quickly be outranked by your competitors

To be successful online, you need to stay on top of your competition. So, it stands to reason that competitor analysis is one of the most important parts of SEO. The examination of your competitors is therefore one of the most important SEO components. Regularly monitoring and analyzing their clients’ competitors can help their SEO agency keep up with and outdo them.It’s a given that your competitors will be keeping an eye on you if you rank well for competitive keywords in your industry. You are basically handing your ranking over to them on a silver platter if you stop SEO. You will lose all the traffic you’ve invested so much in if they continue investing in their SEO while your site stagnates.

It's going to cost you a lot more than you anticipated

A constant effort is required for SEO. You can compare it to going to the gym. In the beginning, seeing results will take a while, but you’ll soon start seeing improvements. However, if you take a long break from work, you will gradually revert to your old habits, perhaps even worse than before. After you’ve stopped SEO, your website’s rankings and traffic are hard to regain, just as if you stopped going to the gym for a long time. By restarting, you’ll essentially be starting from scratch. You will lose all the time, money, and effort that you spent on SEO before you stopped it. 

It may seem like no longer investing in SEO is going to reduce your monthly expenses, but you’re only wasting all that money and all the initial investment you made.


Does stopping SEO make sense? Definitely not. If you want your business to be found online, SEO is a necessity. Your business strategy should include it as a crucial element, not just an optional part. Unless you treat SEO as part of a long-term, consistent effort, you won’t reap the benefits. Our success as local Calgary businesses has helped dozens of Calgary businesses succeed online. If you’re considering quitting SEO or you’re unhappy with your current agency, we can help.

Local marketing firm

Local Marketing: What, Why & How?

Local marketing firm

Businesses advertise in the city and local area as well, which has been resulted in strategic lead generation marketing strategy. 

The local advertisers target specific customers right where they are e.g., workplace, home, local marketplaces, and neighbourhoods as well. The nature of local marketing enables to target prospective customers in a restricted geographical area, this is due to the intention of targeting customers near the business locality. Local marketing has embarked its importance through Google maps in Calgary. 

The significant example of local marketing is positive search results of the google command ‘near me’ this enables the business to portray itself in the local environment and allows customers to find the best service as per their need. 

The outcome of search results on google map is known as local marketing in a nutshell.

Local advertisers

Why local marketing?

The purpose of local marketing is to drive customers physical traffic and ‘near me’ search results on Google, to create ease in business accessibility. 

Near-me command has gotten to be gigantically well known in later a long time. Previous Information demonstrates that near-me command has significantly developed year-over- year specifically between 2018 and 2019, and since from that point, web browser clients are utilizing near-me command to discover every essential service. 

The advancements in search technology have enhanced the user process to search for nearby businesses. Majority of users expect nearby outcome without pre-stating it during the online search process. 

Google database shows that localised searches have evolved 150% faster than searches like “near me”, without the location search, many users now by default expect web browsers to consider location when searching for relevant results. 

Is it beneficial for my company?

We would say it is as this type of marketing is marked to form a substantial growth for companies as it can result to be advantageous to attract customers and form a long-lasting customer. This form holds the potential to enhance business credibility and customer retention rate as well. 

The combination of the widespread adoption of mobile devices and the increased focus of Google on local search has made local marketing a very efficient way to draw new customers to your business. 

Our approach towards Local Marketing?

x360 Digital approaches local marketing with the combination of 

The marketing strategies are designed by rigorous research on the target audience and the company’s nature. The budget local marketing strategy designed by our experts will enable to generate leads and long-term customers for your company. 

Top Tip

Customer reviews matters and promoting them in the local market will enable to obtain trust and enhance company credibility.

Choose Us!

We help our clients with all the marketing forms respective to their company’s nature. Our service will enable to build local customers which will eventually enhance your local market reputation and lead generation process as well. 

Digital marketing trends for 2020

Marketing Strategies for Festive 2020

Digital marketing trends for 2020

The year just simply passed, and we can already see what Christmas is going to be like. Stressful for many people, customers are not focusing on the festivals, instead simply are striving to get through this year (2020).

As a marketing agency in Calgary, we understand it’s challenging to derive the attention of people who are panicking and are under pressure. Creating personal and strong relations is reasonably the best way to get through this year.

We are here to provide you with some marketing ideas for this uncertain festive season, join in to cheer people and spread joy.

Involve Your Customers

Every good marketing strategy campaign will place its customer on the top priority of every aspect/decision. Involving the customer is one of the best relationships building aspects a company can incorporate during this pandemic.

There are many ways to increase customer involvement. Try asking and incorporating improvement suggestion, designs and what they do expect from your company. There are many add on factor such as calling the customer to design for your brand, asking them for a social media takeover.

This campaign will enable you to explore the customer’s hidden talent and your company’s untouched potential as well. This campaign will result in being a win-win situation, as your company might attract new customers and form strong relations with the existing customer base.

Your Customers Feeling Special, Will Result in The Greatest Achievement of The Year!

Social media marketing trends 2020

Transformation of Your Online Presence

The current situation has increased the significance of online market, according to the 2020 statistics people prefer online purchase/interaction over the offline concept. This transformation has potentially changed the aspect of businesses to function digitally.

The festive season is a phenomenal opportunity to think out of the box and transform yourself to catch-up with the coming year 2021. Significant changes can be made in the website layout and adding substantial interaction by your blog posts, company gallery and sharing recent work with all the customers out there.

According to the 2020 customer research in Calgary, it is observed people are mostly attracted to new designs and colours on the website. Another important factor is functionality ease, x360 Digital can potentially solve your problem by creating/recreating a phenomenal online experience for your customers.

Your post-festival changes and overcoming this uncertain situation will create a positive buzz, increase customer engagement and will enable you to build new relations with your target audiences.

Email Marketing - Festive Style

This marketing is not for festivals specifically, it is used to enhance or create personal contact with the current/potential customers. A festive theme (Christmas and New year) email marketing is perfect to interact with customers during the end of 2020.

The campaign is not meant to be promotional; it can entail wishes and motivating messages for the upcoming year 2021, however, sneaking in a bit of promotion will increase the excitement for customers. These campaigns hold the potential to pay off your company in a long run.

As Christmas is approaching, we are looking forward to interesting and creative campaign full of customer interaction. Let’s end this year with no suspense but only meaningful relationships.

Afterall a wonderful time is needed, which is no more expected from 2020.

Top Marketing Festive Tips

Top marketing festive tips

Give the campaign a head start by starting it on time.

Give out some exciting offers on Christmas and New Year, promote the offers through social media and word of mouth.

Modify your online website/e-commerce website to provide a festive feel to the customers.

Paid campaign is perfect head start during the festive season. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are some popular platform to promote your campaigns.

At x360 Digital we can support you design the campaign, which eventually will enable you to attract new/potential audiences in the market.

Hey, having a campaign in mind?

Let’s discuss, x360 Digital is always at your service. We support your business by designing and implementing a new strategy according to the requirement. Our experts will help you, interacting with your customers and establishing meaningful relationships. 

Contact us today! We are proud to have established strong relations with our clients

Small business branding

Specific Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Small business branding
Digital branding strategy

Establishing a business is unfortunately just not everything. In this digital era, “it’s built and the customer will come” theory does not work, to become a brand and sensation it’s essential to follow a customised strategy including development, ethics and most important factor which is marketing. 

Your company have to be sure about every effort and money spent, that is where x360 Digital takes over and design a creative marketing strategy for your business to increase awareness and lead generation through Digital Marketing, it entails marketing efforts which are functioned electronically. Start-ups can establish awareness through social media, blogs, content marketing and many more 

Marketing is a completely different aspect to developing a business, it requires the expertise and combination of different digital tools which are effective for your business and prospective audiences in Calgary.

Where do I start?

Choose Your Target Market

Serving a complete market has resulted to be a myth for various companies. The reality of targeting a specific market segment is essential for companies to gain higher ROI.

Do you want to invest time and money efficiently?

We hope yes, it’s a onetime process to understand your target market. After all the process is beneficial for a long-term and enables you to enhance according to the nature of your customer and unique value proposition as well.

Apparently the better you know your customer, the everlasting is your journey in the industry.

We are always there to support your business with competitive marketing strategies, it will enable your business to defeat the market saturation and create everlasting sustainability.

Top Tip: Predetermine a baseline and growth of the target audience you are willing to serve.

Social media branding for small business

What’s with the Budget?

Everything is determined by the money you are willing to invest. Marketing is not all about spending money, variant dimensions have enables everyone to market their brand, inbound marketing is meant for start-ups and other businesses ensuring 61% less investment with higher returns. Inbound marketing includes SEO, blogs and social media to boost your company presence with a decent amount of regular traffic.

The best way for start-ups in Calgary is to conduct an ROI analysis and ensure the customer-oriented marketing strategy.

Marketing Tools for Your Business


Search engine optimisation is an effective practice for start-ups, it makes your company’s website appear on the top and in the trending search engine results pages as well. People often think the process is highly technical and expensive due to effective results.But we guarantee it’s not done by a robot!!! The process is based on a simple algorithm of building links and quality/unique content compared to all other company’s website in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

It’s one of the most underused tools by businesses, social media holds the potential to break all bars for companies in the industry if used to the full potential. The best feature is audience categorisation on every social media platform out there.To meet the expectations and results, the right social media platform, suitable for your business and target market is essential. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are popular to generate leads for numerous nature of businesses in the industry.Top Tip: To know your customer try interacting with them regularly


Pay-Per-Click is one of its kind for start-up businesses. As the name speaks for itself which is paying for every click on your advertisement, it holds a good value in terms of budget, right audience and call to action for your website or social posts.This tool of Digital Marketing sheds powerful technique such as Google Ads, Facebook and many more, these ads are operated from Adwords, enables you to target the right audience, trend on the top with a minimal pay due to the PPC technique of keywords. The keyword algorithm enables start-ups to target their niche to engage and increase business credibility in a decent amount of time.

Small business branding services

What do x360 Digital Offer?

Start-up marketing initially is potentially a complex science. Similar strategies have failed and lost customer attention in a short period, x360 Digital resolves the problem with a strategy for specifically your niche and business. We have kept our start-up clients in Calgary spiralled with creative Digital Marketing strategies.

We ensure to undertake all the services and tools stated above and of course relevant to your business.

website design services

Design Your Website with Experts in Calgary

website design services

The advancements in technology and virtual businesses has enabled small businesses with the opportunity to display themselves by virtual presence. Creating a website is the perfect start to attract your target customers and to create a first impression as well. 

Website is one of the wonders of virtual presence and has now become reality for all scale businesses. The website development process has evolved over the years with various tools which enable build and manage your websites for a long-term basis, the tools such as WordPress are popular to craft an impressive website and user-friendly website.

To get started with a phenomenal virtual presence, you’ll need some basic guidance to put you on a successful path. Choose the best website builder in Calgary to explore a website design journey in 2020.

What’s the Process?

Handing over to the experts is what makes the process easy for your business in Calgary, at x360 Digital we follow the universally creative process to meet your company and consumer’s expectations.

ecommerce web design

Which WebsiteBuilder to Use?

Various website builder are claiming to be the best in terms of use and dynamics, however, nothing to worry about we help you decide the best platform which suits your business and budget as well.

The experts prefer using WordPress to create a website for your business, it is proven that WordPress is beneficial for small and medium scale businesses on a long-run assumption. 

The benefits of using WordPress:

WordPress, an asset for small businesses

It enables small and medium businesses to portray out there in cost-effective, creative and efficient techniques. It’s easy to manage a WordPress website regularly and trend it by SEO plug-ins such as Yoast and our expert tactics.

Free plugins

WordPress provide essential low maintenance plugins to make your website different from other website and businesses in the industry. The plugins will enable you to analyse customer behaviour, demand and improvements which are required to enhance the user engagement.

WordPress updates constantly

It provides updates regularly which ensure up-to-date functionality of the plugins which you have embedded or should be embedded as per the nature of your business. The constant update will ensure security with the rectification of all the bugs which could potentially cause a disturbance in the client experience.

WordPress website design & development

Is There Huge Money Involved?

With us, it’s ‘No’, we ensure that it does not, however, it also depends on the process you undertake for your business. We at x360 Digital assist our customers with website development, marketing and generating leads. Our experts provide you with a combination of variant services in an individual cost, which includes website development, customized website and dynamic elements.

What we ensure?

Try our services with the hosting charges and your website multiple revisions on your perfect companion x360 Digital. We ensure low price guarantee and challenge the prices you have been paying to the Yellopage Company.

Let’s work on your business for a successful launch in Calgary!

E commerce development firm

Best Ecommerce Development Company in Calgary

E commerce development firm

Ecommerce sales are essential for businesses to establish significant space in the market. The first e-commerce establishment was made back in 1994 by Dan Kohn, a boy who sold Sting CD through a website which was then known as e-commerce trade.

It has been a long way; these services have established a successful market as more shoppers and customers are shifting to online sale and purchase due to the drastic takeover of technology over our lives.

x360 Digital support businesses of different scales to develop online and offline by various techniques such as Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Advertisements, Website Development and Cloud Services. We are the team of experts in Calgary proficient in understanding your business, growth and marketing solutions as well.

Experience andSolutions for Your Business

An effective e-commerce website requires variant expert skills and analysis such as:

Experienceddesign team

As per the statistics, a consumer takes 50 milliseconds to create a first impression, which is where it’s proven, design matters as the first stop point for the users is website homepage which is expected to entail an appealing design. Appealing design in what we help you with, we support you with the experts of Calgary to design your website from scratch till the phenomenal result.


Website is the key to a successful e-commerce business. Dynamic changes in the world have indeed created opportunities, however, has kept businesses bound to stay updated at all time. Matching the trend is essential and possible with the support of experts on board. The website developers should be fluent in the technology and solutions required to acquire customers on a large scale, experts enable your business to differentiate from the competitors in Calgary.

Custom eCommerce Web Design

Data analysis

E-commerce retailers need to understand their potential customers and an effective way to reach them in this dynamic online marketplace. Data analytics is needed to optimize the process, helps to increase the net profit. This is an essential offering, experts in data analysis will be highly beneficial for your business and will support the effective decision-making process. Your business needs a full-proof plan to convert the target audience to potential customers digitally.


Increasing engagement is what an e-commerce website strives for, a website with the best SEO strategy is the ones first on a search engine such as Google. It encompasses various marketing skills, strategies, analytics and expert testing as well. SEO is an in-demand skill for companies with an e-commerce website, this tool enables companies to fight the dynamic future.


An essential aspect for e-commerce businesses which entails the need and similar customers to sell your product to the potential customers. 

Product marketing includes positioning, launching, marketing existing product, social media strategies, customer success, advertisements and much more, which supports your business to drive product demand and usage as well. The process is successful after deep analysis, customer identification and need identification that is where x360 Digital can handle the identification and marketing process ensuring effective results.

Best e-commerce platforms?

Shopify, all in one platform for e-commerce businesses which simplifies the process of website creation, inventory management, web hosting, security, caching, accepting payments. The platform is designed for all sizes of businesses, it covers you with sales online, social media and in-store.

Why Shopify?

WooCommerce, an open-source plugin for WordPress. It leverages the most powerful content management system and uses it for an online sales store. The facts that it is open-source enable you to customize variant aspects and extensions of your digital store.

Why WooCommerce?

The platforms stated above are driven with safety and security, an e-commerce store you will be dealing with various customers and sensitive information such as credit card details and personal details. Shopify provides will take care of all information and servers.

What can I sell on Shopify and WooCommerce?

Physical products




Ticketed experiences


Our Approach

x360 Digital fulfils all the aspect of an effective e-commerce website, we have a clear aspect which enables your company to create the website, market the website which ultimately results to company recognition, sales and lead generation for your company. We fulfil all the offerings stated above with expert solutions and support at all time.

Why Us?

x360 digital enables you to generate engagement and sales for your business by following all the solutions and services provided above. We keep your e-commerce website as a top priority as we understand it’s similar to an establishment of a virtual store and add on to your goodwill.

We help our clients with the whole process from website development to customer success. Our services will enable your business to connect with the clients & create unbreakable long term relationships by ensuring relevant & engaging content, website design, call to actions and blogs for your business.


Explore Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encloses all the promotion techniques that operate online across various regions. The techniques include email, social media, online banners, search engines and other essential online formats which enable businesses or individual to connect with the target audiences/customers. 

Digital Marketing is proven to be an effective technique for businesses in terms of brand awareness and lead generation in numerous regions across the world.

This technique of online marketing has been proven years back by the person who invented the radio, he had demonstrated the product in England and after getting signals it was expected that radio will capture the market in 10 years. However, it was decided to live broadcast the product from an opera performance to ensure product awareness.

The plan just struck off as people bought the event tickets, the awareness of radio was unstoppable which resulted in being the proven effectiveness of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

As stated before, digital marketing is vital for your business in terms of brand awareness, lead generation and social media presence. The consumers are influenced by content circulating digitally, x360 Digital advises every company out there to follow the trend by letting your business serve online.

To be competitive in the market, an online presence is not enough, you’ll need to enhance the customer/target market experience to ensure long-term viability.

Enhancement is necessary as digital marketing entails various opinions, techniques and strategies which you can experiment on and of course that’s according to your target market. Here comes the tricky part where it’s hard to identify the effective experiment you’ve conducted, is where you are meant to incorporate experts and analytics tool in your business.

Do businesses meet their goals through digital marketing?

The answer is yes, the best digital marketing strategy provides a clear picture of how each technique and campaign supports the company’s goal. x360 Digital supports your business creating a creative free or paid campaigns supporting all digital marketing aspects.

The major influential factor for consumers is social media marketing as it converts audiences to a real customer, however, different digital marketing techniques support the different nature of businesses.

Popular Techniques of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine optimization

Email Marketing

Google Ads

Content Marketing

An essential format of marketing, which is used for traffic growth, lead generation and increasing brand awareness. There is various sub which enables you to run content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

A common practice, promoting your brand on all the social media channels to increase traffic, brand awareness and generate real customers. The social media channels include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.

If you lack information on how to promote your brand you can avail x360 Digital’s services for ad placements and effective marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Process of optimizing your website to ensure higher visibility on every relevant search, this will ensure your business with organic traffic over a while. SEO is undertaken on websites and blogs.

SEO is divided for better results and user understanding, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and Technical SEO, you can leave those aspects for us to provide better results.

Email Marketing

A highly effective digital marketing strategy which enables you to create direct contact with your target audience by sending emails. The audiences are more likely to be converted into potential customers for the long term.

A question which usually arises is how to create an email list?

Various techniques ensure creating a good marketing list, the proven technique is a compelling offer for your potential customers. x360 Digital will help you to create a lead magnet strategy according to the nature of your business.

Google Ads

A place where search what they need for, your business can trend on the top. That is if your ad can appear on Google. These ads have the potential to gain outcomes as the ads are placed in search and non-search results.

These ads are set up through Google AdWords, where advertisers bid to display their company ads entailing business information, service being offered and many more which illustrates the company effectively.

Is big money involved in Digital Marketing?

A myth which exists in the market stating Digital Marketing involves huge money… We ensure that it does not, of course, the techniques you use in the process is what decide your budget.

If your process is under safe hands, it would only involve a reasonably affordable budget with effective results throughout the process. The cost can be minimised when experts are working for your company.

This factor completely depends on you, as you are the one to decide whom to choose for your prestigious businesses. 

We can tip you with the best affordable, experienced and effective company x360 Digital in Calgary, serving to minimise your stress and cost with creative campaigns.

I am willing to try digital marketing. What to do?

If you are willing to try…that’s great news, we are here to help you at any stage of your company. x360 Digital provides the best services with all the techniques of digital marketing relevant for your business. To know more about the process and affordable quotation. Contact Us!!!


Lead Generation through FaceBook and Instagram Marketing

Usage of social media is a must, to promote businesses, raise brand awareness, the most important to generate leads and interact with customers

Do you think Facebook and Instagram are useful lead generation tools?

The answer to the question is yes, social media is a prodigious way to generate real leads and customers for your business. A successful social media lead generation process is a combination of the right strategy and various elements. A high usage makes social media a prime stomping ground for businesses looking to generate leads, we have listed all essential aspects for you to generate leads from social media i.e. Facebook Marketing and Instagram Marketing.

Target your customer

Social media enables a business to target ideal customers. The option of customer audience is effective and efficient for lead generation on Facebook and Instagram. You can target the customer on various aspects such as age group, job titles, location, relationship, interest and specifically nature of your business, ideal customers are essential to be identified which is referred to customer persona, it’s a key aspect in lead generation in Facebook and Instagram.

Usage of Lead driven advertisements

The most evident way to ensure leads on Facebook and Instagram is lead driven advertisements. These ads are designed for businesses to generate real customers through the vast online platforms, the ads are capable to help your business to learn more about customers, improve relationships and direct connectivity.

The lead advertisements are created in Facebook Ads Manager with all the relevant options and advertisement goals, this feature ensures the effectiveness of reaching the target audience and within budget maximize leads.

Engage with your customers

Engagement with the customers on social media is essential, replying to them and solving problems online can create ease for your customers. A positive experience can create a mark on your customer which potentially is a future lead.

If you have an Instagram account, you can add action buttons to your profiles. The profile can include a link to the following options such as email, phone number, and business address so people can get in touch with your company’s services, which results in indirectly engaging with the target audience.

Other than the buttons, Facebook and Instagram provide various better organic options for lead generation.

Quick Tip!

Content is the King

The previous blog illustrates the ‘importance of content in Facebook and Instagram, a marketing strategy is the key to Facebook & Instagram lead generation and successful marketing strategy.

Do you know what the secret of lead generation and x360 Digital is?

The secret is to create eye-catching dynamic content that delivers your business’s right message and goal to your ideal customers or target audience, different content with the sole purpose is what attracts the customers on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Certified Ads experts can handle the work for you

x360 digital enables you to generate real leads for your business by following all the tips provided above. We keep your business updated with the latest tactics and strategies for lead generation on Facebook and Instagram.

We help our clients with the Facebook and Instagram lead generation process by identifying the customers, their needs & expectations from the business. Our services will enable your business to connect with the clients & create unbreakable long term relationships by ensuring relevant & engaging content, website design, call to actions and blogs for your business.

Lead generation services

Lead Generation by Identifying your Customers

Lead generation services

Although Leads are essential for businesses, entrepreneurs often forget that they cannot mean something for all potential customers. If you look at websites of various companies, it is noticeable that they are often set up freely. They offer a wide range of products & services which makes the market potential seem large. It may seem that these companies convert a large number of potential customers into leads, but nothing could be further from the truth: great ambition works more against it than it does! Of course, you would like to convert all possible consumers into actual leads, but this is simply not feasible. You can’t be everything to everyone. 

Rather focus on the people in your target audience! Buyer personas provide an excellent & detailed picture of this. A good buyer persona describes both personal & demographic data of the customer, provides information about what the customer is looking for & what his ambitions & objectives are. This data ensures that you can apply a sharp focus, which makes your product or service a lot more valuable! 

Adjust your content to the current question

Drawing up buyer personas alone does not immediately lead to greater conversion of potential consumers into leads. Now it is important to adapt your existing content to the personas or to create content that seamlessly connects to this. Determine which buyer persona is most important to your organization & start with those. 

This can also mean that you are well-advised to switch to ‘new’ content. Has your customer indicated “what they like” Then make sure to focus on the customer preference for your business to offer services based on its expertise & customer preference. Even if you have years of experience in setting up other types of content; if your customers don’t read this, it won’t help you. That is where x360 Digital helps you to identify & create customer engagement & preferred content. 

Implement buyer personas in your marketing strategy

You now know how the consumer searches for information & what goals he has in mind; gear your marketing strategy to this! Take into account the following: 


 It is very important to adapt your content to the questions & the language field of your buyer personas. Immerse yourself in the content or better yet in the answers & information that your ideal customer prefers!

Call to action

 A website often contains several call-to-actions, buttons that you can click on to take immediate action. Have your consumers indicated that they would like to download a document that provides tips or explains questions? Then make a call-to-action button so that they can navigate directly to the desired page.

Landing pages

 These are often linked to the call-to-actions. When the customer clicks on the call-to-action, he is redirected to the correct landing page. Make sure that this page immediately reflects what the customer is looking for.


 Nowadays, your website is the first sign of the organization. You know it yourself: if you don’t like the colours & images of a website, at first sight, you tend to click away. Of course, you want to prevent this. Therefore, implementing images, colours, text use & the structure that your customer finds pleasant. Turn your website into a beacon of content that inspires your customer to read on, we at x360 digital ensure to help you with a phenomenal website for your business which will surely enhance your customer experience & the lead generation process.


 Last but not least! Blogging is the most effective way to attract potential customers to your website, provide answers to their questions, & convert followers into leads. It has been found that companies that post 1 or more blogs every week show a markedly higher conversion of potential customers into leads. Blog about the things the customer is interested in; come up with relevant & valuable content.

Stay innovative

Now that you have set up the buyer personas & implemented them in your conventional & digital marketing strategy, you would almost think that you are ‘ready’, however, the society in which we live is always subject to change, including your customers & the marketing world. After a while, do you have the idea that the buyer personas no longer match your current customers? Then do your research again & create new personas.   

How x360 Digital support the process?

x360 digital enables you to follow the buyer persona tips & always try to stay informed of current developments needed with relevant adjustments in your marketing strategy! 

We help our clients with the lead-generation process by identifying the customers, their needs & expectations from the business. Our services will enable your business to connect with the clients & create unbreakable long term relationships by ensuring relevant & engaging content, website design, call to actions and blogs for your business. 

Lead-generation becomes easy with x360 Digital!!!