Mobile app development services in Calgary

Dynamic customized mobile app development services in Calgary

Mobile app development services in Calgary

Those times have passed when a brand website was enough to power the growth of the business in the digital realm. Times have changed; for today, enterprise mobility is the latest technical standards for brands in the online world. 

Look at this number – people spend 87% of their time using mobile apps on their mobile phones – indicating that your customers are spending most of their time online on mobile apps downloaded on their handset. 

Given this situation, can you afford to keep your business away from entering the fray of mobile apps? For survival and sustenance, it is imperative that businesses, be it local or international, strategize and focus on mobile app development

Did you know that?

  • By 2021, there would be about 7 billion mobile users in the world. 
  • 2019 witnessed more than 204 billion apps being downloaded by online consumers.
  • This year, it is expected to surpass 592 million app download daily, globally. 
  • Calgary based mobile apps are estimated to generate $189 million per year.
  • 98% of apps revenues throughout the world comes from free downloaded apps. 
  • An astonishing 76% of the Millennial crowd feel that without mobile apps their phones are useless. Almost 74% of this crowd open an app when they feel bored.

An ever-increasing population prefers to shop using mobile apps today and almost 51% of your consumers tend to check their mobile phones at least 1 to 10 times every day. 

These figures point to the phenomenal potential existing for your business growth! You need to make a choice and that too fast!

So, what do all these stats mean to your business? Whatever be your scale of economies, you need to act fast if you wish to target your mobile-savvy customers. You need to work in tandem with a trusted app development company to be able to guide you through this domain.

Who are we?

X360 Digital is a Calgary mobile app development specialist that helps your brand in venturing into a new dimension that is marked by the increasing mobility of customers. 

As an established Calgary mobile app development consultant, X360 Digital focuses on quality and originality, whether it pertains to designing, layout, end-user experience, speed, ease of installation, security and other relevant features to develop a mobile app for your business.

Why do I need the services of a Calgary app development company?

  • Canada had about 28 million active mobile users (as of January 2019)

Do you intend to target even a minuscule percentage of this population? You should be looking at having an app developed for your business. But, just having an app is not vital anymore. Your app should:

  • Motivate your target market to download your app; and
  • Motivate these users to make use of the downloaded app.

Only when these two conditions are met relevantly can you capitalize on this growing market, profitably. Since your apps needs to reach your desired market and get downloaded, you need to have only domain experts like X360 Digital to work as your Calgary mobile app development specialist.

Our work of mobile app development involves phased approach 

  1. Understanding the mobile landscape in your industry context in the true sense to be able to offer high-powered and innovative applications for your business.
  2. App development involves understanding the customer profile of your target audience thoroughly. Thus, with in-depth research and comprehensive planning, we undertake the work of Edmonton mobile app development work.
  3. The process of app development is minutely planned that involves active participation from your team as well as ours. 
  4. We design the prototype.
  5. Take feedback and suggestion internally and from your team.
  6. Keep improving till we are finally ready with an original game-changer in your industry.

Why us?

Looking at the vast opportunity that exists for your brand, it is inevitable that you go in for a Calgary mobile app development company like us because

  1. We work as your partner on a long-term basis rather than just working as your vendor to achieve our bottomlines. 
  2. With us as your Calgary mobile app development solution provider, you can look at optimizing your investment with our flexible engagement modules, and our expertly proficient and talented team.
  3. We make use of new-age and advanced technology to carry out application development in Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton.
  4. We believe in offering top-of-the-line and qualitative development services at minimal costs.
  5. Our approach is to offer end-to-end integrated app development services so your app not only catches the attention of your target market but also motivates them to download it and use it on a regular basis. 

The objective – offer integrative mobile app development services in Calgary to our customers with cutting-edge technology.

Google ads lead generation

Boosting traffic to your website through futuristic local SEO services in Calgary

Google ads lead generation

Would you believe?

  • That 93% of online browsing starts with a search engine today.
  • That almost 46% of searches on Google are local searches; and 
  • That 88% of people who seek information from a local search actually visit the store or call it within 24-hours. This means that sites that are ranked in the top positions in local search result page are obviously doing something extremely right as far as local Calgary SEO is concerned. 

The bottom line is that your website needs to be thoroughly optimized for a search engine, especially for local SEO in Edmonton, Calgary, be it Google or Bing, to reap gains and benefits in the real-time.

Essence of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about making your website or online portal as attractive, impressive and engaging, as possible, for the crawler or the search engine to detect it amongst millions of sites in the virtual world. 

SEO is not only important, local SEO in Calgary is actually a necessity today for more traffic and faster conversions. 

  • Optimized sites have best chances of being selected by a search engine and ranked in the topmost page of search result.
  • Optimized sites have cleaner, simpler and friendlier look and attributes vis-à-vis the non-optimized sites; thereby providing a flawless user experience.
  • Most importantly, local SEO is the means to drive traffic from different online channels and platforms to your store. This is why it is quintessentially important that Calgary SEO specialists are hired for local optimization your website. 

The question is: Can SEO be done by you? The answer is: If you sincerely aim to be on the top of your local industry search online, you need us – Calgary SEO Specialists. Why?

  • The Google algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank a site on a search result page.
  • Sites that load faster have better chances of higher ranks on the result page.
  • Links, content and RankBrain are three top factors that affect a site’s ranking on result page.
  • Voice searches carried out from mobile phones are three times more likely than textual searches.
  • It has been forecasted that by this year almost half of all searches online will be carried out via voice search.
  • Blogs that contain a video have 53 times higher chances of being ranked on the first page of Google search results.
  • 46% of all searches happening on Google are for a local business. 
  • 28% of local searches end up in sales.

Still not convinced? Here are few more factual data for you:

  • Google had a market share of 92% in Canada in April 2020. 
  • 74% of Canadians are online at least 3 to 4 hours in a day.
  • 67% or more Canadians have social media accounts. 
  • The ecommerce market in Canada is steadily growing at a rate of 9.1% in the last two years.

The point that we want to drive across is:

  • Most of your customers are buying online. 
  • Hence, you need to be there visible for them to choose you. 
  • Without optimized website or ecommerce store, this is not going to happen and if it does, it is going to take ages.
  • Hence, you need SEO experts like us for helping your business with enhanced visibility, boosting online traffic and sales.

Who are we?

X360 Digital is a top Calgary SEO company with years of SEO hands-on experience. Our talent pool is thoroughly skilled. As part of SEO services in Edmonton, we work to give your site a winning edge over the competition.

SEO is not a one-day event and definitely not a one-time activity. It needs to be done on a continual and consistent basis. As Calgary SEO consultants, we understand that the purpose of optimizing your site locally is not to get visitors just for once, but have them coming over to your store, on a repetitive basis. 

Our methodology of work

Towards this end, X360 Digital works to chalk out concise and clear Calgary SEO solutions by working in a dedicated phased manner. The different phases involve –

  • First understanding your audiences, your industry, competitors, products – every minute detail that is worth knowing
  • In the next step, we assess, audit and fill up the gaps in your existing website or create an optimized site from the scratch. 
  • We keep monitoring the results and the rankings so that the SEO strategies can be further optimized and made effective.
  • We keep you updated at each step because it takes a lot of handholding to reach the top page of Google search.

The objective is clear – we work to ensure that your site has augmented traffic by optimizing the site for local searches.

x360 Digital Marketing Firm

Digital Marketing driving higher ROI

x360 Digital Marketing Firm

Just like marketing and promotional activities are helpful for a brand in the real world, digital marketing is essential in the virtual world. In the online world, there are different tools that can be used and should be used by brands to maximize their online presence and boost ROI. A digital marketer will have the knowledge of using various digital or online tools to do so.

Digital marketers need to use an integrated and comprehensive strategy so that various elements of digital marketing services are used effectively for optimized results.

  • Search Engine Marketing where a combination of SEO and Pay-per-click advertising is used to drive organic and inorganic traffic to the site;
  • Website Marketing to increase awareness of your online presence in your desired market;
  • An digital marketing company will use mobile marketing to generate income and revenue for the brand;
  • Email Marketing where email campaigns are planned for reinforcement of brand offerings or communication of new launches, and more.
  • Social Media Marketing where social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others are used for promoting a brand, product or services.
  • Video Marketing is another commonly used digital marketing solution where platforms like YouTube are used to engage with customers;
  • Online banner advertising that is a means to promote products, offers, new launches and more.

X360 Digital is a leading Digital marketing specialist that works with your brand and utilizes endless possibilities of this gamut to bear fruitful results for the business. As an expert in this domain, we brainstorm, create and innovate strategies to deliver phenomenal numbers. As a top digital marketing company, we experiment to try various means and strategies to deliver the desired results.

This is how we add value to your online presence:

  • We work with an all-inclusive approach to use various digital marketing tools and channels for effective lead generation;
  • As a competent Calgary digital marketing consultant, we work towards augmenting your brand awareness online.
  • Help you maximize your ROI on digital marketing campaigns;
  • Use analytics to assess if the outcomes match with the objectives;

The objective is clear – We work as your extended arm to ensure that all possible channels of digital marketing are explored and utilized to chart a success story for your brand online!